José is a Portuguese photographer living in London since 2007. Originally a mining engineer working around the world, José used photography to document his travels. His photography soon became a vital way of understanding and capturing the different social, political, and economic realities experienced by his subjects. In 2010, he opted for a career change, becoming a full-time photographer. José is interested in urban identity, social behaviour, and social change. He strongly believes in a multicultural and open society where dialogue, sharing, and respect for one another is the only way to create a better life for all.

Driven by the current situation in Europe concerning refugees and by the constant flow of disturbing news, Jose decided to volunteer in the Calais camp to assist and experience the situation first hand. During his first visit to the Jungle in Calais, he was impressed by the entrepreneurial drive of the refugees but above all by the good will thriving amid the terrible conditions. He then started to document and visit regularly. This was the spark for the creation of the Odyssey Project, where we believe that storytelling is a powerful antidote to xenophobia and to raise awareness.

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